The new F word Fentrepreneurship™

This talk is about introducing Africa’s newest F-word.

I know what you’re thinking. F-word, why would she be doing F-word on a business platform? It’s not about famine. It’s not about the future being female, because you’ve seen that movie and we’ve moved on from it.

What Is The F-Word – Fentrepreneur™?

Fentrepreneur™ is a phrase we have given to a woman who’s fierce, who’s a self-starter, who’s incredibly mindful about the need for business to generate more than just profit, but also, she’s part of a community that we’ve now called the Five G community.

These are women who have:

  • a sense of grace,
  • who have a sense of grit,
  • who are very focused on their growth,
  • who are also incredibly generous
  • are very aware that their gift doesn’t make them super special, it just bestows upon them a responsibility to raise themselves, their families, society, communities and economies as well.

Who Should Attend?

A woman who’s already in business.

Whether you’re a start-up or you’re a midway or you’re ready to supersize, or even you, who’s sitting in corporate thinking, “when I get my next bonus, I want to finally turn my passion into a business.”