Speak Up! Finding and using your authentic voice

What is Speak Up! Finding and Using Your Authentic Voice About?

It is an understanding that your voice has power, but also it’s an understanding that you must use and we must use our voices with responsibility, because words can hurt, but more importantly, words can make a difference.

So in the world of work, how might you use your voice to advocate for the silent?

How might you use a voice to advocate for people who may be junior to you or who may be on the margins of your organization?

What You Will Walk Away With

An invitation to not only find your voice, but to understand where to use it, how to use it, for whom to use it, and in what settings.

So, we have a conversation about context. We have conversation about purpose, we have a conversation about why but, more importantly, we also have a conversation about the responsibility that comes when you own your voice, when you use your voice, and also when you project your voice.