Silenced Voices, Resilient Souls Navigating Identity Oppression

What Does It Mean To Have A Silenced Voice And Resilient Soul?

In this talk, it’s a celebration of everything that makes you who you are. So, what are the things that make you unique? What are your values and what is the personality you project, but also how do you extract meaning from your own lived experience?

You may have heard already increasing noises around diversity, inclusivity, equity and belonging, all of those things are aspects of identity and when you know who you are, whatever space you then enter is a space that you will enter with a full understanding of what you are able to contribute, but more importantly, what you’re also able to extract so that you can continue to evolve.

Who Should Attend?

We address people from all walks of life.

We have a conversation that may be relevant in terms of race, gender, sexual orientation, profession choice, reproductive choice.

So, if you look at me, I’m black, I’m female, I’m childfree, I’m a creative strategist, I’m a social scientist, and I’m my mother’s daughter. The thing that really, really marks my primary identity marker is being my mother’s daughter.

In the end, however, we choose to integrate who we are starts to pull together the magic that makes us who we truly are unique and special.