Liberation – Embracing Authenticity & Curiosity Amid Chaos

What Does Liberation, Embracing Authenticity & Curiosity Amid Chaos Mean?

Creativity is an ability to solve problems in a unique way. I’ve been asked this before because often times we think of creativity as artistic talent, and I can’t draw a cat even when it’s walking away from me, I can’t. So, if that was the measure, I wouldn’t have been able to have sustained myself for the last 20 years in the field of building brands and advertising.

So, what then, do we talk about when we talk about unleashing creativity?

We’re talking about admiring the many ways in which we can challenge ourselves, explode our imagination, and explore a third and fourth dimension in problem solving.

Who Should Attend


If you’re in business, whether for yourself or for others or even in your personal life, and you’re just trying to evolve and understand how you might overcome one problem before your next birthday, this talk is for you. There’s chaos, there’s madness, there’s imagination, there’s freedom, there’s creation, there’s collaboration, but, more importantly, there are outcomes that truly deliver new and unique solutions for the world in which we live.

So, join us. Trust me, there’s method to the madness and you will be mad in the right way.