Dismantling Barriers – Push Your Boundaries

What Are Boundaries?

All of these things aren’t necessarily physical brick and mortar, I know you know this, but they’re about the psychological ability to define what is okay and not okay for you. It is also a sense of self-care and self-preservation, because if we don’t have boundaries, then essentially all we’re doing is leaking value, leaking joy, leaking respect, and leaking our worth wherever we go, because we haven’t defined it in a way that helps people understand what is okay and what is not okay to do to us, with us, to say about us and to us.

What Does It Mean To Dismantle Barriers?

So dismantling barriers is the opportunity and an invitation to also reflect on the boundaries that you may have erected, for example, to protect yourself from some form of pain and that boundary has now become a prison as opposed to something that protects you from pain.

 What You Will Walk Away With?

  • Setting boundaries
  • Reinforce those boundaries?
  • Dismantling barriers

Let’s have a conversation about our bounded selves and our unbounded selves.