Great things are conceived in silent thoughts, yet only brought to life after they are spoken into existence.

What Are Boundaries?

All of these things aren’t necessarily physical brick and mortar, I know you know this, but they’re about the psychological ability to define what is okay and not okay for you. It is also a sense of self-care and self-preservation, because if we don’t have boundaries, then essentially all we’re doing is leaking value, leaking joy, leaking respect, and leaking our worth wherever we go, because we haven’t defined it in a way that helps people understand what is okay and what is not okay to do to us, with us, to say about us and to us.

What Does It Mean To Dismantle Barriers?

So dismantling barriers is the opportunity and an invitation to also reflect on the boundaries that you may have erected, for example, to protect yourself from some form of pain and that boundary has now become a prison as opposed to something that protects you from pain.

 What You Will Walk Away With?

  • Setting boundaries
  • Reinforce those boundaries?
  • Dismantling barriers

Let’s have a conversation about our bounded selves and our unbounded selves.


On the topic of Leadership

Integrity is a cornerstone of effective leadership, essentially, we’re inviting you to lead from who you are because you can’t assume identities and characteristics that are outside of yourself.

If transformation starts with who you are, leadership starts with who you are, and effective leadership starts when we bake integrity at the center of that leadership intention. So come in, let’s have another conversation.

What You Will Walk Away With

Let’s discuss what makes leadership different from a self-serving pursuit by somebody who is in it for themselves. How might you, as a leader, either at the beginning stages of your career or midway, or even towards the latter stage, how might you continue to refine, revive, and evolve your leadership style to make certain that integrity is never a thing you leave behind?

I look forward to sharing these insights with you and hearing from you about your leadership journey and how it’s been evolving.

What Does It Mean To Have A Silenced Voice And Resilient Soul?

In this talk, it’s a celebration of everything that makes you who you are. So, what are the things that make you unique? What are your values and what is the personality you project, but also how do you extract meaning from your own lived experience?

You may have heard already increasing noises around diversity, inclusivity, equity and belonging, all of those things are aspects of identity and when you know who you are, whatever space you then enter is a space that you will enter with a full understanding of what you are able to contribute, but more importantly, what you’re also able to extract so that you can continue to evolve.

Who Should Attend?

We address people from all walks of life.

We have a conversation that may be relevant in terms of race, gender, sexual orientation, profession choice, reproductive choice.

So, if you look at me, I’m black, I’m female, I’m childfree, I’m a creative strategist, I’m a social scientist, and I’m my mother’s daughter. The thing that really, really marks my primary identity marker is being my mother’s daughter.

In the end, however, we choose to integrate who we are starts to pull together the magic that makes us who we truly are unique and special.

Using creativity to bring humans back to the centre of everything

Our aspiration is for a world where all forms of connecting, conversing, creation starts and end, with the human in mind. A world where we demote our consumptive selves and elevate the being-selves. We believe that we are customers some of the time and are human all the time. Therefore, brand builders and custodians have a responsibility to engage beyond the transactional by placing humans at the centre of the complete value chain.

Working at the intersection of commerce and culture and applying a unique brand of creativity (humancentric creativism), we help brand builders and custodians build inclusive and sustainable futures.

What do you learn:

  • Creative Excellence: Brand strategy + communication (discovery, design, deployment)
  • Business reform and future readiness (process design)
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Inclusivity

The ultimate outcome is a business/brand that is not only future conscious but is also robust, meaningful, different and salient.

What is Speak Up! Finding and Using Your Authentic Voice About?

It is an understanding that your voice has power, but also it’s an understanding that you must use and we must use our voices with responsibility because words can hurt, but more importantly, words can make a difference.

So in the world of work, how might you use your voice to advocate for the silent?

How might you use a voice to advocate for people who may be junior to you or who may be on the margins of your organization?

What You Will Walk Away With

An invitation to not only find your voice, but to understand where to use it, how to use it, for whom to use it, and in what settings.

So, we have a conversation about context. We have a conversation about purpose, we have a conversation about why, and we also have a conversation about the responsibility that comes when you own your voice, when you use your voice, and when to project your voice.

What Does Liberation, Embracing Authenticity & Curiosity Amid Chaos Mean?

Creativity is the ability to solve problems uniquely. I’ve been asked this before because often, we think of creativity as artistic talent, and I can’t draw a cat even when it’s walking away from me, I can’t. So, if that was the measure, I wouldn’t have been able to sustain myself for the last 20 years in the brand brand-building and advertising field.

So, what then, do we talk about when we talk about unleashing creativity?

We’re talking about admiring the many ways in which we can challenge ourselves, explode our imagination, and explore a third and fourth dimension in problem-solving.

Who Should Attend


If you’re in business, whether for yourself or others or even in your personal life, and you’re just trying to evolve and understand how you might overcome one problem before your next birthday, this talk is for you. There’s chaos, there’s madness, there’s imagination, there’s freedom, there’s creation, there’s collaboration, but, more importantly, there are outcomes that truly deliver new and unique solutions for the world in which we live.

So, join us. Trust me, there’s a method to the madness and you will be mad in the right way.

This talk is about introducing Africa’s newest F-word.

I know what you’re thinking. F-word, why would she be doing F-word on a business platform? It’s not about famine. It’s not about the future being female, because you’ve seen that movie and we’ve moved on from it.

What Is The F-Word – Fentrepreneur™?

Fentrepreneur™ is a phrase we have given to a woman who’s fierce, who’s a self-starter, who’s incredibly mindful about the need for business to generate more than just profit, but also, she’s part of a community that we’ve now called the Five G community.

These are women who have:

  • a sense of grace,
  • who have a sense of grit,
  • who are very focused on their growth,
  • who are also incredibly generous
  • are very aware that their gift doesn’t make them super special, it just bestows upon them a responsibility to raise themselves, their families, society, communities and economies as well.

Who Should Attend?

A woman who’s already in business.

Whether you’re a start-up or you’re a midway or you’re ready to supersize, or even you, who’s sitting in corporate thinking, “when I get my next bonus, I want to finally turn my passion into a business.”

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