Let us make the circle bigger

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

-African Proverb-

This idiom is the best embodiment of this next phase in our brand journey. Thank you for your ongoing support whether as client. advocate, associate, partner, supporters, etc.

Over time and repeatedly, I am asked by self-driven, growth-focussed individuals where they can access more of what they call my ‘wisdom’, ‘magic’, ‘secret sauce’. Up until now, I have always sent them to our website or to my several clips/talks on other platforms including YouTube, Podcasts and/or social media. The need is unabating and this shows me that there is much work to be done in connecting, conversing and co-creating as a community larger than just those folks who are already in our universe.

So we turn a new leaf…
And invite you to join us on this next chapter in our brand journey.
We have decided to make the proverbial circle bigger and launch the ‘Ensemble’.This is a membership only space – created with the sole intention of contributing and sharing what we know and create (and are yet to learn and create in the future) with a select group of individuals who are like-spirited and growth focussed. The Ensemble is a destination for learning, unlearning and relearning.

What is in it for you?

  • As a member you will have unlimited and exclusive access to mindfully-created content spanning the areas of self-mastery, leadership, creativity, entrepreneurship, brand and strategy.
  • We will bring you lessons from near and far, across geographies, industries, categories and topics.
  • Whether you are in your first stage of your career, swerving to assume new roles and new opportunities, entering the 3rd act of your life (previously known as retirement) or just a plugged-in perpetually curios student – there will be ample content here for you. 

All of these will be aimed to help you  get better on the daily as you elevate yourself.

What Can You Look Forward To?

  • Talks with people of substance from across the world
  • Streams of consciousness (nudges for your mind + soul) to set you right on the daily
  • Seminars
  • Podcasts
  • Updates on what’s new and important,
  • Stories from around the world,
  • Experiences from inside the Ideation Lab where we solve for multiple social problems
  • Case studies from the main strategy practice
  • Merchandise from the M-shop (mindfully sourced and beautifully curated )
  • Limited editions publications from Maruco Press.
  • Access to community
  • Reading Resources

Everything in the Ensemble is for people (like you), who are yearning for inspiration or a springboard to further pursue their own growth, support their personal evolution and fuel creativity. There are a myriad ways to apply what you will glean from the Ensemble to succeed across the various aspects of your own life.

What are we asking of you?

As a long-term advocate for our work, we are delighted to extend this invitation for you to join the Ensemble as a founder member. You are one of a carefully and deliberately selected circle of people of substance that we admire and respect. Your monthly membership of R250 will accelerate the pace at which we can share lessons, wisdom and excellence with the wider world. Alongside this pursuit- we are certain that you too, will gain much for your head and heart.

There is a planned online event for 29 July 2021 from 19h00-20h00, at which you will join other founder members for an official launch event and for your first official exposure to what lies behind the curtain.

The Ensemble is more just sharing, it is education and self-elevation with a super-sized twist.

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