Inside Telecom Magazine – Issue 5

Humancentric Creativism is the path to inclusive futures
As a sociologist by training who became a brand builder by design and accidental Fentrepreneur through circumstance, I believe that the creative landscape can, and must, be a space for positive intervention, challenge and change.

A creative problem-solver who works at the intersection of commerce and culture, I design and deploy strategies for individuals, leaders, and corporations to prosper in what we have termed RADI futures. These futures are radical, authentic, distinctive and inclusive and therefore anti-fragile.
Seamlessly weaving key sociological concepts and creativity – we integrate identity construction and meaning-making into our humancentric solution-design process. This article, in InsideTelecom, masterfully crafted by John Smeddle – is the most accurate articulation of what we believe and a call to action to leaders who are invested beyond the acronyms (ESG, MVG, SDG, etc.) and truly want to work with the teams they lead to effect a sustainable change upon the world.

This is an invitation to all of us to use creativity to bring humans back to the centre of everything.

Please read on ( and I am really looking forward to your reflections…