Future Readiness With Za: Workplace Bullying with Dr Ngao

Our guest for this episode on Future Readiness with Za is the amazing Dr Ngao Motsei. She is a seasoned exec and leader whose work on Bullying In The Workplace demands attention now and into the unfolding future. We explore this topic as well as other challenges she has observed and her counsel for current and emerging leaders in the workplace and beyond. She talks about how leaders must become good listeners and lead with care and compassion as this births belonging. She suggests that belonging trumps inclusion – because the latter could breed pressure to fit in. Whereas belonging is about being taken and accepted, just the way you are. She shows the linkages between people’s happiness and productivity. Most profoundly, she advocates that leading with care is important for the sustainability and growth of enterprises. The world of work of the future requires leaders to create environments where people feel they belong.

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