Future Readiness with Za In Conversation with Gillian Rightford

#FutureReadinessWithZa Presents Dr Sizakele in Conversation with  Gillian Rightford – a seasoned practitioner, lecturer and the founder of School Of Thought and Adtherapy, a company that aims to help marketers optimise their advertising through skills, structure, strategy, and relationships.
In this episode, Gillian expands on the journey of her work in the advertising sector and how an evening watching television, intercepted by bad ads – was the genesis of her new business AdTherapy. Although the intention was to rid the world of bad ads, she later understood that it’s the quality of the agency-client relationship which determines the calibre of work produced and the joy experienced while doing so. So her mission is to heal relations so good work can thrive.

She also dives more deeply into the changes that are upon the sector – and what critical steps ad agency leaders must take, to become more relevant to their client’s business strategies not just their marketing campaigns.
We touch on how some companies have fear embedded into their culture is one element that needs to be discussed

Connect with Gillian Rightford
LinkedIn: Gillian Rightford
See more of Adtherapay: https://lnkd.in/dvvpRsgZ
See more of School of Thought: https://lnkd.in/dzkm_uSj

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