Full Circle With Za: The Human OS

The COVID pandemic is a new crisis, so we could use it to re-set, as we have missed plenty of opportunities to rise to our best selves in past moments. Despite the avalanche of negativity, we should not give up believing in our goodness and the goodness of all humankind.

Point is, the human form is an operating system with intricate neural pathways, veins, vessels and all sorts that work to keep the machine going. It is an ecosystem premised upon intersectionality, interconnectedness and constant motion.

So when you service the HUMANos and format it — essentially you are writing a new code, a new foundation that can support the software of your heart and the hardware of your mind. When was the last time you had an update, you know, like a software update ?

Sizakele speaking about the Human OS and how we as humans need an update every now and again.

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