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Our Finest Hour

This destination is an outcome of observed challenges and impediments in my own entrepreneurial journey.

This is a humanity-centred and membership-driven business community and destination that will become, in reality and reputation,  fertile ground for Fentrepreneurs™ (female entrepreneurs of a certain breed). Our Finest Hour will unleash an integrated ecosystem designed to provide customised and applicable teachings, impactful experiences, curated events, knowledge sharing as well as access to support that breeds wholesomeness.

Some call them women in business, female entrepreneurs, boss ladies, sisters in charge, women who launch – all these are positive terms and they do well to add some sweetness to what is a trying pursuit. I call them Fentrepreneurs™ – those fearless, unrelenting, self-driven and self-authoring women, who rise despite the odds, share despite their own limitations and become the tide that lifts all boats, repeatedly.

The hour has come to unleash the might of the Fentrepreneur™. Our Finest Hour is fertile ground for you, where as a woman who leads, you can gather with other like-spirited leaders, to share, learn, grow and soar together.


Fentrepreneurs™ Prosper

This is  a lecture-series targeted at the Fentrepreneurs™ that are in our system.

The interventions are:

  • Business + Brand Upskilling
  • Personal Development
  • Customised Learning Materials
  • Opportunity Access
  • Technical  Support

These are summits where like spirited people come together to challenge, engage, correct and elevate one another.

The 4 pillars are:

  • Pitch Den (Investment Drive)
  • The Market Place (Trading + Display Platform
  • Disruptoratis  ( A talk series with ground-breakers)
  • Proximate Mastery (Peer To Peer Learning)

This is about sharing stories, experiences, advice and thoughts


  • Social Media
  • Podcast
  • YouTube

Curated merchandise

  • Online publications
  • Limited edition LIFEWEAR
  • Motivational stationery
  • Accessories


Integrated wellness

  • Psychometric support

  • Mind Expansion

  • Body Nourishment

  • Soul Restoration

The success you desire awaits.

Connect with me today and I will show you how.

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