Client Kudos


A very engaging speaker and set the tone for the rest of the event

I was quite impressed with the Dr’s talk for a few reasons:
• the messaging was succinct, to the point and delivered well
• the message was also relevant to the audience and was very impactful/” punchy”
• she is a very engaging speaker and set the tone for the rest of the event

Eleanor Raman
Thungela Resources – Business Performance Specialist

A quiet force of change

Ross Drakes

Sizakele is so good at what she does. We have collaborated twice and are trying for a third. She is clear, practical and genuine with her thoughts. She tailors her message to suit the audience and is simultaneously entertaining and practical. A quiet force of change.

Ross Drakes
Creative Director at Nicework & Organiser of CreativeMornings Johannesburg

Calm demeanor and a phenomenal presence

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Dr Sizakele has a calm demeanor and a phenomenal presence. I am inspired that at her young age, she carries so much wisdom. Her highlighting the importance of staying true to yourself inspired my thinking

Hlengiwe Mashinini
Thungela Resources – Communications Administrator

One of the best moves we have made for our business

Reabetjoe Mokoko

We started working with Marutlulle and Co. 2 years ago and this move has been one of the best moves we have made for our business. They came in and helped us to unpack and remember why we created our brand at a time we were starting to lose focus. They helped to resuscitate our business and we have been growing from leaps and bounds ever since then. This helped to show us how vital having a business strategy is.

Reabetjoe Mokoko Founder and CEO
Plates and Scales

A consummate professional

Working with Sizakele and her team was an absolute pleasure. A consummate professional, Sizakele holds a crowd with her stage presence and engaging content. Would love to have her on stage again at a future Yoco event.

Matt Brownell
Yoco - Head of Brand Marketing

Sizakele Marutlulle connected with the audience

Sizakele Marutlulle connected with the audience and there we even requests for her presentation.
The Q & A that’s was great to add real value to entrepreneurs on their burning issues

Victoria Rabali
Integrated Marketing Manager at ABSA

It makes us really think deeply about our business

Oresti Patricios Ornico Group

Sizakele has this unique knack of inspiring all those around her. I loved the approach she has, the insightful questions she asks. It makes us really think deeply about our business.  We are already focussing on some of these ideas. I highly recommend a session of “Beyond the Dip” to help you shift the needle and make this COVID disruption an exciting rather than a daunting journey.

Oresti Patricios

She inspired students with decades worth of marketing experience


Sizakele contributed strategic flair with a distinctive clarity to our Pendoring student webinar series. She inspired students with decades worth of marketing experience, distilled into a few accessible pointers. She emphasised the significance of curiosity and originality in capturing the multiplicity of our South Africanness in communication.

Eben Keun
General Manager for Pendoring

Shared many valuable insights on adopting a humancentric creativist mindset

Kevin Feather

Sizakele recently spoke to a group of professional independent financial advisers at an Allan Gray event. She is an energetic speaker and shared many valuable insights on adopting a humancentric creativist mindset. The financial planning industry is evolving and one of the insights shared was that we should all be engaging beyond the transactional, by placing humans at the centre of the complete value chain.

A powerful message.

Kevin Feather
Manager Distribution Development at Allan Gray

Absolutely exceptional

Sizakele was absolutely exceptional as a keynote speaker at the yher Africa 2018 Pitch Day. Much of what our accelerator aspires to do was echoed so beautifully in her storytelling; this not only affirmed the work that we do, but also affirmed the Fentrepreneurs as they navigate their own journeys. We hope to be able to do more work with her in the future so that more of our entrepreneurs are gifted with her magic!

Katleho Tsoku
yher Africa - yher Africa Manager

Understanding the power that I had within me and the impact that I had on those around me.

milesha chetty

On the 27th of October 2021, we had the greatest of pleasures as the Gauteng Women of Insurance together with Discover Insure, to host an event whereby our keynote speaker was Sizakele Marutlulle.

The year of course, has been a tough one, and as we head into the last stretch energies are running low and this event and the energy that was brought by Sizakele was most Welcomed.

Prior to the event, I had spent some time working through various segments on YouTube and her website, and the more I watched and learned the more in awe I was. Sizakele’s talks are not just about business but about you as an individual, the power you hold and the many things that you can do with it.

Other stand-out lessons for me from her, was that in a world of Tell it as it is, is there a better way to make your point? There is just so much truth in that concept. The impact that we have with our words should be considered, and whilst we needn’t hold back our thoughts, we should ask ourselves, will you create a positive outcome.

I left the event as did the rest of the delegates, understanding the power that I had within me and the impact that I had on those around me. Life is not all about the targets and deadlines. More so it is about what you do on the way to get there. The journey and the imprint that you leave on those around you.

I have shared Sizakele’s talks with so many since the event, and be it family, mentees or CEOs. The experience was similar for them all. They all felt awakened again. When we are awakened, we are aware of who we are and how we affect those around us, and that however small the act, if chosen wisely we can empower ourselves and others.

Thank you Sizakele for finding your life’s purpose and sharing it with all of us.

Milesha Chetty
GWII Committee Member

Smash hit

Kele Boakgomo

We found the session to be a smash hit and that we got what we wanted. We highly recommend that you engage with Sizakele Marutlulle.

Kele Boakgomo
Grow.Live.Prosper – Co-founder & CEO Yugrow

“It has also helped us to reframe our entire approach to the local market.”


“Nando’s senior leadership team recently engaged Maratlulle and Company to assist us in crafting our future business strategy.

Their approach of constructive challenge, based on a deep understanding of strategy aligned to their broad experience of the South African business environment, was not only of enormous value in the moment, it has also helped us to reframe our entire approach to the local market.

Geoff Whyte

Inspiring and Life Giving

Nkuli Mlangeni-Berg

The collaboration with Marutlulle + C/O was very inspiring and life giving. I enjoyed their holistic approach to doing business and how they balance being humanist and entrepreneurial.  Sizakele and Reratilwe always made time for me, they were very supportive, professional and always open to listening to my ideas no matter how crazy they were. I learnt a lot from them.

Nkuli Mlangeni-Berg Founder
The Ninevites

Learned a lot about myself

I learned a lot about myself, the overall purpose of communication within the AGSA and how we can work as a cohesive unit to achieve greater impact internally and externally. Personally, the lessons extended beyond my role and other facets of being a communicator. I have received only positive feedback from the people I have spoken to about the session and even though it’s early days, I have noticed an effort from most of us in trying to work together.

Thandi Mavundla
Auditor-General of South Africa - Senior Manager: Internal Communication

Seamless MC skills

Thank you again for your time and seamless MC skills today. We were truly honoured to have you host the event today

Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS)
GIBS Event Planner

Immensely successful

We found the session to be a smash hit and our request was well serviced and our outcomes were everything we hoped for. The process itself allowed us to unpack our core values and apply them throughout our strategy. It was immensely successful and prepped us for a crisis in our future. Waste no time in making that phone call, I only wish I had made it sooner.

Rorisang Setlogelo
Roth Media – Managing Director

Articulate, experienced, wise and impactful

Fred Roed

Working with Sizakele Marutlulle has been a true honour. One of Heavy Chef’s most popular guests to date, Sizakele is articulate, experienced, wise and impactful. Whether speaking at an event to 250 people at the Waterfront in Cape Town, regaling an audience of 600 at Fox Junction in Johannesburg, or engaging in an intimate consultation one on one, Sizakele brings a level of patient insight that is rare amongst business leaders.

Fred Roed
Heavy Chef - CEO & Founder

Helped unlock latent potential

mahmood sonday

Sizakele helped us when we needed to build more collective energy and skill in developing new business. She helped us rethink the essence of what differentiates us, and reframe our relationship with ‘sales’. After two sessions, all senior team members who participated had a noticeable shift in confidence and energy to more skillfully identify and seize opportunities. Za helped us unlock latent potential.

Mahmood Sonday: Managing Director Reos Partners, Africa

Your energy and sincerity touched the room

Maya Burney

We have received volumes of positive feedback on how you facilitated and contributed to the discussion from the audience and panellists alike. You saw for yourself how your energy and sincerity touched the room!

Maya Burney
Womvest - Founder

We felt affirmed


The three of us enjoyed the session. For the most part, we felt affirmed. By bringing in an outsider to yes give some valuable and necessary critique, it was affirming to hear that some of our ideas should be explored.

Katleho Tsoku
Amazi Nail and Beauty Bar - Chief Business Officer

Unlocking my business growth

Zandile Nzalo

I had an amazing time going through the session, #Beyondthedip, with Za, unlocking my business growth and re-focusing and re-purposing my business as some would call it pivoting for 2020. I have had to get through the pains of reviewing my business, re-designing it and the session with Za was really helpful in unlocking the bottlenecks I was going through. Covid-19 has derailed me and many other SME’s and the #Beyondthedip session is a thorough one on one introspection where I began to re-look at exactly where I want to take Zanenza and create a much more sustainable existence of this business going forward, beyond Covid-19. I would recommend that you do a session with Za as well. It is worth it!

Zandile Nzalo – Managing Director

Her style and approach is so effective at connecting with the audience

standard chartered logo

“Sizakele was a pleasure to work with as one of the expert speakers presenting at our conference. She quickly understood the brief, target audience and outcomes we were hoping to achieve and shaped her presentation to deliver against this. Sizakele is one of a kind, her style and approach is so effective at connecting with the audience her presentation will be difficult to forget. It is rare to find a speaker that connects what they say with how it is delivered which has a powerful impact for those listening.”

Jack McMahon
Director, Strategy and Partnerships, Group Sustainability at Standard Chartered Bank

Inspiring. Motivating. An absolute must in shaping an organisation’s culture

I am still getting positive feedback about the session and what it meant to women. It was phenomenal! The brief was exceeded by understanding what the objective of the session was, but keeping it real and true to you.

Silke Bucker
Brand Director: Castle Lite Africa at AB InBev

“It was much needed”

thungela logo for social

Just want to thank you for organizing such an amazing event for Thungela women. The speakers were incredible. I enjoyed particularly the talk Dr. Sizakele gave. My takeaway from her talk was that I should stay true to myself and that if I can make an impact just as I am.
It was much needed

Hlengiwe Kunene
Thungela Resources – Corporate Affairs Administrator

Sizakele was an absolute pleasure to work with


Sizakele was an absolute pleasure to work with. She brought both a calming presence and an excellent energy to our physical activity webinar. Not only did she seamlessly manage the flow between multiple speakers, she also added her own relevant insights and had fantastic rapport with the speakers, which ensured that it was a professional event.

Dr Mosima Mabunda
Head of Vitality Wellness at Discovery Limited

“The goodness must be baked in”

bernice samuels

Dr. Sizakele M. What a joy it was to have you join us at our MTN Brand Stewardship Forum 2022! Firstly, we feel like we know your mom💛Thank you for being so open, engaging and insightful. You gave us so many gems, but you had me when you said, “the goodness must be baked in.” Thank you for challenging us 🌹

Bernice Samuels
MTN - MTN Group Executive: Marketing

Able to invigorate the team to more clearly articulate what we stand for


Dr Sizakele Marutlulle took on the difficult task of working with a diverse team spanning generations, experience and outlooks. Sizakele and her team are the epitome of professionalism and was able to invigorate the team to more clearly articulate what we stand for.

Tanya van Lill
Head of Investor Relations and Impact at Metier

Opened our eyes up

Nkgabiseng Motau

The #Beyondthedip programme opened our eyes up to things that we were not seeing that we needed to take care of now, because we are all so focused on the pandemic it is hard to see the other side of this scenario and plan accordingly.

Nkgabiseng Motau Think Creative Africa
Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer

Her Sense of Style and Intellect are World Class

robbiebrozinweb 1557514173
“Working with Za and her team, was a proper delight…her insights, nuances, cultural sensitivities and passion helped us unpack some complex thoughts.
 Za is a true South African asset, and her sense of Style and Intellect are World Class…totally inspirational and relevant for the here and now.”
Robert Brozin

Breadth of business knowledge and depth of understanding the human experience is beyond compare


“Sizakele’s breadth of business knowledge and depth of understanding the human experience is beyond compare. She is a consummate professional who effortlessly creates clarity around the value of creativity and how it relates to commercialising everyday problem solving. She has added enormous value to my practical knowledge and practice as a human-centred, values-driven entrepreneur. I would recommend her to anyone looking to UP their game and invest in taking their skill-set to the next level.”

Phindile Dhlamini-Motshegwa

Insightful and practical lessons on strategy

Our MarketingFridays session with Sizakele was filled with insightful and practical lessons on strategy. She was able to share honestly and authentically about a framework to strategy that provided guests to our webinar with something to take back to their work in strategically building brands.

Nyiko Chauke - Founder