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Dear Reader
I am excited to pen the first of many monthly missives from my desk to you.

This newsletter opens dialogue between us, so you are kept abreast of what I am doing, the events / discussions that I have in the pipeline, where you can join me and engage, as well as hints and tips on how you can get better at business and in life.

In my practice, I focus on the intersection of commerce, creativity and culture . This unique approach and resultant solutions, help me solve for big and small businesses in ways that fuel their prosperity. I will reflect on these, as well as provide thought leadership on matters pertaining to business and brand strategy, enterprise growth, personal development, leadership and ideation.

My intention is to elevate thinking, offer encouragement and celebrate all the ways in which we each can, to quote Steve Jobs, “make a ding in the Universe”.


What makes me distinctive ?

“Future-facing brands no longer speak about consumer-centricity, but rather about human-centricity. For, we are consumers some of the time, but we are human all of the time.
I am for HUMANS.”

How I unblock growth for businesses and brands?

Each month I will touch on the 4 core pillars in my portfolio.


+ Business Strategy
+ Brand Architecture
+ Organisational Design
+ Communications Ecosystems Design
+ Facilitation

Enterprise Growth

+ Accelerating Strategy
+ Eco-system Design
+ Enterprise advancement
+ Fentrepreneur™ Innervation*


+ Cultural Intelligence
+ Transformative Creative Solutioning
+ Co. Creation + Futures Design


+ Personal Mastery
+ Coaching
+ Mentorship

August Calendar Activities


Change and crises are guaranteed in life and in business. Rather that panic, we help leaders plan. This is an immersive 1-hour virtual intervention available to business leaders ( at all levels) who need a steer in decision-making during a crisis. I hone in on ‘what keeps them up at night’ and then offer relevant and executionable solutions.

Our Finest Hour

Our finest hour is a membership-based, business destination where Fentrepreneurs™ (female entrepreneurs) will learn how to grow scalable and profitable businesses. The platform provides business relevant skills delivered by a global team of best-of-breed practitioners, curated experiences, summits, community, relevant content and many more tools to help you fulfil your business ambitions.

Look out for these tags on social media to follow my activities #OFH #Elevate #Awaken #Actualize # sizakelemarutlulle #Fentrepreneurs™

The Elevation Series ( aka the academy) will kick-off with lectures delivered every Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday every month until the end of the year.

The first 4 topics to be covered this month include:
  1. Build To Last (the fundamentals you need to build a business that lasts)
  2. Fentrepreneurship™ and social change (how to build a business with social impact)
  3. The Art + Science of Brand Building (how to elevate from a commodity to a brand)
  4. Choice Architecture (improve choice-making so you can meet your business goals)
By becoming a member, you will receive exclusive access to the complete ecosystem from training by global subject-matter experts, peer -to-peer problem solving, personal development, monthly masterclasses, curated events, an annual residency, mentorship, technical and structural support as well as connected communities and partners in our global network.

Sign up today and accelerate your journey to prosperity.

What's on my mind this month

3 questions to reflect on this month:
  1. How is my brand or business, going to impact our culture?
  2. Are my current actions, plans, behaviours part of my bigger vision?
  3. Do I have what it takes to respond to changing landscapes?

Full Circle with Za

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