Edition Nº5

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Dear Reader
Quote Edition 5 2
It is said charity begins at home
Where home is you, not a brick + mortar structure
This is an encouragement for us to review our mistakes and wounds with compassion
To learn to cradle the self
To hug the child within
To speak gently to the self
If you don’t clothe yourself with warmth
How and why should others show you warmth?
You must lead by example
And what greater gift can you offer
Than that which sprouts from an eternal and internal spring?
- Mazaza 7/2020
The piece above comes from my many 4am scribbles at the height of the Covid-19 lockdown – and this being the season of sharing – I thought it a perfect moment to share with you.

As we enter the season of merriment, fuelled by gifting, getting and at times ‘enforced politeness’ and ‘scheduled revelry’, it is my aspiration that you will find the power within, to exercise that wise ‘put on your own mask first’ instruction we all ignore on flights. It may feel annoying when all you would rather do is dive into your carry-on hip-flask - yet it is imbued with an eternal wisdom. How can you give to others what you don’t give to yourself? How can you gift something from nothing? It is time we took stock of where we are on our list of priorities...

In addition to mastering virtual conferencing (except the New Yorker reporter whose finger trouble exposed him), baking banana bread and growing green fingers, I am hopeful that we also have learned not only just being with and by ourselves, we have learned to give back to the self. Beyond the stereotypical gendered practices of bubble baths for women, caves and golf (albeit virtual) for men, I am truly hoping we have acquired the intelligence of self-love.

To paraphrase the great Audre Lorde, caring for the self “is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation” – by showing and teaching others how we nurture, nourish and prioritise the self, we shall hopefully evolve into a different kind of human race. A human collective that will thrive instead of just survive.

What then is the role of brands in this space? It has been my experience that brands that prosper and are future-fit, move at the pace of culture, where culture is how people live and create meaning. These brands listen out for, respond to, and at times anticipate human needs – thereby producing goods and services that support our evolution into kinder, gentler, conscious beings (fingers-crossed). Among the clutter of Xmas ads, and shopping mall Boney-M elevator music, may we find the magic in the rubble. Let us support and advocate for those brands that reinforce our endeavours to be, and do, better.

In this season and beyond, I wish you clarity to focus on what advances healing and restoration, the courage to prioritise self-care (without guilt or shame) and the light to shine upon your path.

I shall connect again in the New Year.

Blue skies

In The Calendar

Last Month

I had a delightful chat with Jenny Cwrys-Willliams of Kaya FM. This was in part, catalysed by Edition No.4 – on the subject of conscious creation and mindful consumption. We shared, reflected and had an overall jolly good time. Visit to enjoy the recording.

Last month I was delighted to share my excitement at the creative idea in the BMW ‘Gusheshe’ ad which broke in September on local SA screens. The spot has since been pulled off air, largely to unresolved tension relating to music rights usage and fees between the artist and the brand. This saddens me - I guess it is another example of what happens when the fire that feeds capitalism chars compassion.

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This year, this mentorship platform turns 3 years old and it felt appropriate to have a mini-reunion with alumni. Given the reality of these times, we could not hug in real-time, but thankfully energy has a frequency that transcends space – so we could still uplift each other. Be the early bird, visit and submit your motivation for participation in 2021. The Exchange focusses on integrous younger folks, with a social-conscious and growth-mindset , so if you know any, encourage them to submit their motivation for participation for The Exchange 2021.

What's on my mind this month

  1. In my ear: The soundtrack from the movie A Suitable Boy
  2. On my mind : Being Mortal by Atul Awande
  3. On my palate : Berry Bombs by Wazoogles Superfood


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