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Dear Reader
Confronting The Endless
We live in such interesting times and yes, the challenges of the pandemic notwithstanding, there is still much to delight in and reflect upon. This missive finds me in a reflective mode as I, like you and the rest of the World, continue to make sense of this new normal. The yearning for a time that will no longer come (life before corona – BC) is part of creates suffering. Such resistance makes us clench our jaws and it creates blockages in pathways through which creatively should flow.

So, I was especially excited to finally come across a piece of literature that connects dots in wonderful ways. The way things were, the way things are and the way things will continue to unfold. To give full expression to our intersectional lives is an ode to Audre Lorde’s early century lamentations on the same. When we converge what feels like parallel paths to help make sense of our lived experiences, we carve out space, not just for our emerging selves, but also for human-centric brands. Those future-facing brands are galloping ahead, embracing purpose and integrating it into their ways of being and doing. They are comfortable with the ‘soft’ vocabulary of humanisation, intersectionality and slow living. They advocate for a consumption pattern that is fuelled by the desire to ‘be’ more, rather than ‘have’ more.

Writing in Mindfulness: Its Transformative Potential for Consumer, Societal, and Environmental Well-Being, Grier et al (2020) deliver a mighty insight. They create a relationship between the tenets of slow living and mindful consumption. They tastefully weave matters of consciousness and consumption in ways that give pause and reflection without making us genuflect. I suspect (and I could be wrong) that those early path-finders of this tenet, such as Chodron, P. (2001), Shapiro, S. L., Carlson, L. E., Astin, J. A., & Freedman, B. (2006), Hanh, T. N. (2008), (2016) and others, are chuckling at our ‘new found wisdom’ when the truth has been around all along, we are the ones who have been sleepwalking through life.

Of all the lessons accrued during this time, the most abiding will be my deepened understanding of how little we truly need. As I enter a new year, marked by my BornDay on Oct 7th, it is my intention to tread a lot lighter upon the earth. I am not about to head off to a temple far away or eschew refined things – I am being intentional about what and how I acquire, consume and dispense. I am aware and delighted that this purging is a world-wide undertaking. Time spent at home has revealed what little living space there is as the’ to-die-for couch’ of yesteryear remains hidden under mountains of fast-fashion deliveries never worn or yet to be laundered.

What can brands do? they can make certain that they make the cut of the ‘need’ list. And the surest way to do so is for them to make their purpose manifest in their behaviour. I know for certain that my mainstay brands have survived the cull precisely because they not only do good, but are good. Their goodness becomes a halo effect from which I proximate my own goodness.

I wish you clarity in the culling and courage to truly make room only for that which helps you become lite. That act of liteness comes from shedding, shredding and stripping off what no longer works. It is said angels can fly because they carry no excess baggage. I wish you a blissful flight...

Blue skies

In The Calendar

Last Month

We had a delightful engagement with Nyiko of Marketing Fridays. I had occasion to share with the new wave of marketing leaders things that I have learned along the way. Visit sizakelemarutlulle.com to enjoy the recording.

Given my background in communication sociology, I tend to consume ads consciously. More than the glaring bright colours, etc. I go beyond the image, into the nuances as suggested by the images, unintended messages, languages, representation etc. So I was delighted to share and engage with the folks at Radio 702 to discuss my hero/zero ads for the month. The BMW ad currently on local screens scored the top price – a refreshing (and dare I say overdue) output from a multi-national brand reflecting local nuance and cultural insights that avoided negative stereotypes and reductive narratives. Visit sizakelemarutlulle.com to enjoy the recording.

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By infusing the principles of Design Thinking into this proprietary intervention, we give leaders executionable insights and the relevant tools they need to future-proof their organisations. Through this online engagement, we continue to help C-suite leaders navigate change and crisis. By challenging them with provocative questions, they are able to imagine new outcomes for their businesses. Why have a plain sandwich/salad when you can have a working lunch that will move your business forward?

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Ofh Damn Dime Difference

A Talk : A Damn, A Dime & A Difference

It was delightful to connect with the Tribe, who joined from cars, coffee shops and couches around the country. Look out for new dates, as we will be coming to a screen near you very soon. As soon as circumstances permit, we shall also be coming to towns big and small across the land.

The Exchange 2020

As we continue to adjust to the new realities, we have also re-imagined the format for this year’s Exchange. This year we turn 3 years old and are using this time to have a mini-reunion. We shall be inviting all the alumni from 2017, to check in, encourage and support one another as we move forward. Visit sizakelemarutlulle.com to check-out past gatherings and be the early bird by submitting your nomination for participation in 2021. Check in before year-end to see images from the upcoming The Exchange 2020.

What's on my mind this month

  1. In my ear: Carlo Mobelli : I Press My Spine To The Ground
  2. On my mind : Re-reading Whistling Vivaldi by Claude.M.Steele
  3. On my palate : Gelatine-free Jellybeans


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