Edition Nº2 A reflection on beginnings, optimism and triumph
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In popular culture, the 1st of September means spring day, a re-set button bringing in a new season of hope, bloom and a spring to one’s step. I trust that when you reflect on what you’ve achieved and accomplished to date, you can celebrate those successes and look forward with a sense of optimism that is intentional and mindful.

This month I wanted to focus on optimism and triumph, and explore how we could use these facets to re-frame our understanding of personal mastery and self-leadership. Leadership is not a position; it is a practice and a role which if one embodies with responsibility – can be critical in driving improvement and fulfillment. We imagine this as a journey that starts with the self for, how can you lead others without an understanding of yourself?

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Servant leadership:

Summary of "In the Driving Seat" by Brand Pretorius. Read more

"Character and Servant Leadership: Ten Characteristics of Effective, Caring Leaders" by Larry C. Spears. Read more

"Personal Mastery - Definition and Importance to Learning" by Andrew Bryant. Read more

"The Three Supreme Gifts: A Practical Approach to Self-Mastery and to Transforming Your Life Here and Now." by Lisa Hromada. Learn more
New beginnings:

"Reflections on Creating New Beginnings" by Marquita Herald. Read more

"The Joy To Do What Helps Us ♡" by Pema Chödrön." Watch the video
To share this perspective and to drive further engagement on leadership, The Academy, in Our Finest Hour, offers an immersive masterclass on this very topic. In that environment, we explore (as a collective and in community) how to deepen self-awareness and imagination in ways that advance our abilities to accept and enrobe leadership stances in our personal and professional lives. By creating a linkage between the self and execution – we expand our abilities to impact the world and influence culture.


Our Influence

“Sizakele has this unique knack of inspiring all those around her. I loved the approach she has, the insightful questions she asks. It makes us really think deeply about our business. We are already focusing on some of these ideas. I highly recommend a session of “Beyond the Dip” to help you shift the needle and make this COVID disruption an exciting rather than a daunting journey.”

- Oresti Patricios, CEO of Ornico (

In The Calendar This Month


Through this 1-hour online intervention, we continue to help C-suite leaders navigate change and crisis. By challenging them with provocative questions, they are able to imagine new outcomes for their businesses. Why have a plain sandwich/salad when you can have a working lunch that will move your business forward?

Our Finest Hour

This is fertile ground for Fentrepreneurs™. This ecosystem provides curated experiences, summits, business relevant skills, community, content and many more tools to help Fentrepreneurs™ compete, win and prosper. In fulfillment of our philosophy of, problem-solving through creativity and collaboration, all business modules in The Academy are priced for more than 1 person so as to foster co-creation at every node of growth for all our community members and to make each learning journey affordable, accessible and shareable.

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A Talk : A Damn, A Dime & A Difference

OFH Academy Talk: Damn Dime Difference
I have had the honour and pleasure of sharing my story on stages big and small, across various geographies including Miami at the by-invitation-only BET Women Who Lead event, Oxford-UK, Libreville-Gabon and in SA’s cities, towns and villages.

Join me from the comfort of your home as I share my life of arrival, ascendance and awakening. Specifically, how a life of purpose gives you a clear steer on what to give a damn about? How to accrue dimes with dignity whilst making a lasting difference in the world.
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Date: 7th September 2020
Time: 18:00

What's on my mind this month

  1. In my ear: Abiah Sings Nina
  2. On my mind: Re-reading The Four Agreements by Don.M.Ruiz
  3. On my palate: Marshmallows

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