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Dear Reader
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Here is a man who understands not only the heavy lifting required to build a company but to create and front a brand over time. Its challenges notwithstanding, Virgin for me, remains a brand that is a true reflection of its founder’s spirit and intentionality.

But rather than stick to products and services as brands ---- , this month I want to turn my attention to my beloved country, the South Africa brand. I had the honour and privilege of having something to do with this in a past life and took great pride in correcting misconceptions and elevating our positives.
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But here we are, 27 years into our democracy, we are still limping in places where we should be galloping, outpacing others nations in the negative stakes of corruption, inequality, gender violence, sub-optimal education and a porous health system. How could we fall so far from grace?

Cabinet - Without being ageist, the median age is close to 60yrs which could mean either a reluctance to embrace younger folks or a rejection of fresh(er) ideas or plain comfort with the status quo. Whatever the reason – our Country suffers from lack of imagination and this is evident through policies and laws that are difficult to enact or dated in ideology.

Response to COVID - An early promise from ‘family meetings’ soon devolved into a fractured, frayed and a get-rich quick scheme for those with political and/or economic proximity to decision makers.

Education - Home-schooling during Covid-19 became yet another revelation of ongoing inequality. The young kids who live in informal settlements, with parents working three low-income jobs just to survive, these young ones were left behind, no data, no devices, no home schooling. So, who will they turn to now?

Youth Unemployment - We continue to marvel at the rising figures with no real coordinated effort at attending to this soon-to-be explosive lava. Harambee and YES are but two initiatives attempting to reverse an avalanche that requires all hands-on deck. Where will the future employees come from?

Entrepreneurship - It is in every state of the nation speech yet the dial is not shifting. Legislation, gender-bias, lack of innovation and stifling lending criteria mean many ideas die before they hatch.

Public service - I use the word ‘service’ advisedly. Our neighbourhoods are filled with potholes, collapsing buildings, overgrown parks, street lights with no bulbs, rail-roads that are stripped naked. Who is in charge?

So, if SA were a branded product in a store, we would still be on the shelves of many supermarkets; untouched and undesired...

Yet we are not!

There is an incomparable attractiveness about our country, an abiding goodness about our people, a magical and surprising resilience of spirit.
But these are not enough, we need a new imagination, a new calibre of ethical leadership, quality thinking, accountable elected officials, an engaged populace, and most of all a glue that binds us all. For if we do not thrive together, we shall perish together.

This, our beloved Nation is a zebra, it matters not whether the bullet lands on the black or white stripe, it is the whole animal that suffers.

Let us learn. Let us rise.
The future we imagined is fast slipping through our hands. We owe it to our forbearers not to waste our hard-won freedom and inheritance.

Kind regards,
Dr. Sizakele Marutlulle

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