Edition Nº13 Renewal
A collection of stories, reflections and transformations of people and brands
Dear Reader

When the term is used – often, it alludes to a state of revival – the idea that something old or current is given new energy – or a new lick of paint – as it were.

What does this look like for the human who has survived the scourge of a battering pandemic, soul-eroding pessimism despite defiant optimism? I don’t know... we are not done walking yet…
So, we can’t claim victory.

Here's what I understand
Just when you think you can’t give anymore – some 2nd wind comes – and it gives one that push across the finish line. Whether that’s the umpteenth revision to a PhD thesis (which finally loaded and landed on my kop in Dec 2020). Or a repeat presentation to that one 'prospective' client – until you realise they are ‘indulging’ you and have no desire to engage the mind you’ve put to use to help leaders build brands of high-influence that have grown companies and people from here to Gabon and everywhere in between. When you are spent – there’s a tendency to create more – assuming (falsely) that the doing is what will give one more energy to carry on – how mistaken!
Over the last year – we’ve launched and abandoned loads of initiatives – all emanating from a good intention to live out one’s purpose of being of a positive influence to all I connect, commune and create with…

These not withstanding – it’s required from me a deep-dig – which whilst exhilarating in the moment – has depleted not just my energy but my reserves and tested my resilience like never before. So now that we’ve been in dialogue with you for the last 12 editions – it is time to commune with the self...

What do I know now?
That to carry on – I need to put something down. I am unable to float to the top of the lake – and be in flow – if I am weighed down by the many projects and initiatives I have on the go.

What does this mean?
It means this is my last missive to you.
However, it does not mean this is the end of our conversation though... hip hip hooray...

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And hopefully in not too long a gap – we shall commune on bookshelves where good books are sold as well as on screens that stream high-quality documentary content.

Please don’t be a stranger.

Kind regards,
Dr. Sizakele Marutlulle


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