Edition Nº12 Interconnectedness
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Dear Reader
The last missive addressed the HUMANos (the human operating system) and was well received (judging from comments from the regulars and newbies to this community). What I offer this time - is an expansion on that premise. I suggest that once you’ve rebooted the system and formatted the hardware of your being, you look around and see all the other beings around you.
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Charting your own path, being self-reliant and all these beckoning mantras that start and end with you, are fantastic for the ego but not so useful for the parts of you that are not ‘I’ focussed.

Hold on — I am not suggesting that we all become leaning towers of Pisa, what I am driving at is a not-so-gentle reminder that the self cannot thrive to the exclusion of other beings.
Try as we might to be ‘warriors’, ’loners’ or ‘soloists’ - there comes a time when aloneness becomes counter-productive. In those waking hours we are gently reminded of just how much connectedness with other beings and things can infuse an irrefutable richness into one’s life. Disease, trauma, loss, confusion, anger, anxiety, discomfort — all these and more — have the powerful capacity to remind us of our shared fate as a race, society and as humankind.

For example, in times past we may not have worried about reported labour exploitation in some Asian countries, we now can no longer wear our ‘It’ bags and ‘It’ sneakers without admitting that part of our insatiable appetite for fast fashion and other stuff is feeding the monster that abuses other beings. We can no longer look-away at the parent who chastises her children not to litter but does not pick up her dog’s poo in the park. The groundswell in social movements, earth-friendly protests all these point to our shared fate. We may be in different parts of the world but plastic trash from Mexico finally chokes the fish which we gleefully chomp upon at 5* sushi spots. Pesticides on fruits and vegetables find their way into the bellies of the little children we claim to love and protect - our hurry for food/produce is also accelerating disease.

There is no solo act here, life is a duet and the Zebra knows this. For, it matters not whether the bullet lands on the black or white stripe, the whole animal feels the pain. So next time you lull yourself into thinking what happens over there cannot affect you over here, think again. We rise or fall together as one race, the human race.

Kind regards,
Dr. Sizakele Marutlulle

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